Request Materials

Fair Housing Initiative Program

You may request free Fair Housing materials by using this online form. Once you have submitted a request, you will be notified via email when your request has been shipped. Orders will be processed on a weekly basis.

Directions: Enter your complete contact information, then select which materials package you would like to receive (custom orders are also available). A break down of each package and what they include is shown below. When the form is complete, click REQUEST MATERIALS to submit your request.

Basic Basic + High Volume Custom
2 Posters 3 Posters 4 Posters Specify the type of printed material and the quantity desired. (ex. 200 Z-cards, 1 poster)
6 Bookmark Pads
(glue dots included)
7 Bookmark Pads
(glue dots included)
8 Bookmark Pads
(glue dots included)
80 Z-cards (foldable card) 100 Z-cards (foldable card) 150 Z-cards (foldable card)

If you have any additional comments or questions, please email

Poster (download pdf)

Has simple messaging and language, graphic elements to attract attention, and a call to action to visit the campaign landing page. Contains a die cut slit for bookmark pad placement.

bookmark PAD (download pdf)

Directs attention to key messages and the campaign landing page. Attach glue dots on back of bookmark pad to place on poster. Glue dots are included.

zcard (foldable card) (download pdf)

A ‘roadmap-style’ folding piece designed for user convenience, fitting in a pocket, purse or pack, with enough print area when unfolded to contain easy-to-read essentials of fair housing law: protected classes; prohibited actions; common types of discrimination; and tips to recognize and respond to suspected violations.